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Praxis Circle is quite unlike most other organizations addressing worldview. If you become a Praxis Circle Member, you will discover, deconstruct, explore, learn, contribute to, shape, and grow your own worldview through necessarily objective and granular reasoning. You will improve your influence in personal and larger groups. Over time, Praxis will assist you in taking a broad look at the most influential worldviews in the West and even around the world.

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Praxis is the only effort dedicated to helping you become a humble, kind, understanding, and able warrior for yourself, your family (as applicable), your friends, and even your politics. You will learn to think globally and in detail about all of the aspects of life that worldview impacts, which is many to most of them. In the end, there is no other way to help and serve yourself and others, except through confidence and ability gained through personal knowledge and experience.

A warning: Praxis is not for the faint of heart, the unserious, the incurious, the unemotional, or the unfeeling. Most important, we will seek to have fun with worldview.

It is written: The more certain you are, the more you should resist the temptation to silence those with whom you disagree.

This is the Praxis way . . . please join us. You will impact the journey’s pathway.


Blog posts feature Praxis video content to expand worldview knowledge, insights, and discussion among Members.

What is Capitalism, Really?

What’s profoundly important about capitalism, which Marx didn’t understand, is that it’s driven by consumers, it’s driven by you and I . . .

Truth’s Treasure: Three Given Realities – Truth Series: Part III of IV

A solid worldview finds truth in every worldview pillar and seamlessly integrates them. Truth and reality touch all aspects of human consciousness . . .



Featured Contributors are those currently featured in recent blog posts. All Full Interviews are available to Praxis Circle Members.

Featured: Ladelle McWhorter

Ladelle McWhorter is the James Thomas Professor in Philosophy and a Professor of Environmental Studies and Women, Gender, and Sexualities Studies in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Richmond in Richmond, Virginia. Her areas of expertise include 20th Century French and German Philosophy, Queer Theory, and Political Theory. Dr. McWhorter has been a prolific author for over twenty years, writing books, articles, papers, and book chapters. She was interviewed because of her outstanding reputation as a professor, writer, and philosopher and her expertise in ethics, postmodernism, and poststructuralism.




Contributor Profile videos provide a brief introduction to Praxis Contributors’ work, thoughts, and interviews. Below are Profiles of several Expert Contributors. Some comments may shock or even offend you. Praxis Circle endorses no Contributor comments, except in formal and clearly labeled opinions. All Contributor comments are for the purposes of examining worldviews themselves, and we believe our Contributors’ opinions, no matter how dissimilar from yours, will help you examine and build your own worldview.

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While most of our Contributors are “gentle persons,” again, some of their comments may shock or even offend you. If so, we have done our job! The reason for this is that many worldviews conflict (even violently). As a result, if Praxis Circle is doing its job in providing objective presentation, you will find points of view that are quite contrary to your own – 180 degrees in the other direction.

Moreover (and unfortunately), Praxis Circle offers no “safe spaces.” This would be impossible given our mission. Why? Well, in the words of Western greats such as Pythagoras, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and Hypatia, “Important worldview ideas remain in the public square to be considered . . . whether you remain there in body or spirit or not.”

Finally, we suggest that you treat your time on this website like you would as a spectator or player of the great American pastime, baseball – your time should involve good, fun, relaxed activity with a beginning and end, but without time constraints, unless you impose them.

Above all, get into the pace of each Contributor’s comments and hear them out. Then mull them over – turn them over in your mind over sufficient time to get their benefits.

In doing so, given each Contributor’s claim or statement, ask yourself: What are the claim’s or argument’s presuppositions that could somehow make the particular claim true or good? (And remember: Praxis Circle endorses no argument presented.)


Praxis Circle offers Members a series of Courses that explore the worldview concept and assist in development of one’s own worldview. Praxis Courses are self-taught or organized in groups, allow Members to invest as much or as little time as desired, offer opportunities for Member and Teacher conversation, and apply worldview concepts to ongoing personal, political, and social issues. Praxis Circle has designed an initial series of courses and will structure future courses based on Member interests.

007 – Office Hours with Dr. John X. Mason

Welcome to Praxis Circle’s series of courses. This introductory video will give you an overview of the series and we …

01 – Worldview 101

What is a worldview?   Throughout time, people have developed systems of beliefs in order to understand the world. In …


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