EST. 2016

What is
Praxis Circle

Praxis Circle is a community building worldviews to renew a free and good society.

Our goal is to accomplish this by promoting open dialogue around life’s biggest questions in a way that respects the inherent dignity of every human being.

What’s the meaning behind our name? “Praxis” is the process of interaction between our worldview and reality itself. The “Circle” is how we interact with each other at an individual level.

It is written: The more certain you are, the more you should resist the temptation to silence those with whom you disagree.

Are you ready to enter the conversation and join Praxis Circle in fighting for truth and a free-thinking society?

Guiding Values:

  1. We believe that every human being matters equally.
  2. We believe that truth exists and that it is the responsibility of every human being to pursue it diligently.
  3. We believe the family is the basis of society.
  4. We believe society is a compact among human beings past, present, and to come; therefore, responsible stewardship is a moral imperative.
  5. We believe the United States should remain a free country because self-governing peoples require structures that are organic, not imposed.
  6. We believe in the importance of learning about the Classical Judeo-Christian worldview sufficiently so we can talk about the truth effectively to each other and the world.


Our Mission

“A community focused on building worldviews to renew a free and good society.”

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Praxis Circle is a non-profit organization dedicated to exploring worldviews grounded in the Western tradition. Its primary activity is conducting extensive interviews of thought leaders and distributing video content of varying lengths, along with related analysis and comment. Praxis Circle expands through its growing circle of persons interviewed, through its multifaceted conversations, and through links to off-site Internet content that widen the discussions which absorb us.Praxis Circle staff and Contributors aim to deepen and sharpen their own worldviews, thereby contributing to new, evolving, and paradigm-shifting ideas. We are proactive in creating worldview narratives for today. Our core conviction is that every human being matters equally, and that this principle, however imperfectly practiced in history, is a gift of the Western tradition – which is why that tradition demands study, understanding, and defense.

Three other principles infuse our work. First, the family is the basis of society. Second, in keeping with the Burkean idea that society is a compact among human beings past, present, and to come, we emphasize the moral imperative of responsible stewardship – i.e., leaving the generations ahead of us a better world than the one we inherited, including financially. Third, we believe that the United States should remain the United States, and not move toward European-style models – not because those models are always and everywhere wrong, but because self-governing peoples require structures that are organic, not imposed.

Praxis Circle believes we owe it to our fellow Americans, as well as to the wider world, to continue our nation’s unique legacy, to cultivate it with healthy pride. Toward that end, we seek creatively to share the thoughts of some of the most far-reaching thinkers of our time. Though nonpolitical, we nevertheless will not hesitate to take stands as mandated by our vision of the greater good.

Though nondenominational, we draw inspiration from figures within religious traditions as well as outside them – especially the late pope John Paul II, whose profound insights into freedom and totalitarianism continue to challenge us to treasure and defend the responsible uses of our freedom.

We think that this joint effort aimed at intellectual and moral restoration starts with practical worldview analysis, with Praxis Circle, and with you.

We hope you will join us.