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Themes are the broad subject or outline categories Praxis Circle’s team has chosen to organize many of the videos “thematically.” As we continue to interview more Expert and Member Contributors, we will add new videos to these Themes, revise the Themes themselves, and add new ones.

I. Worldviews Introduction

Worldview is a concept faintly known that few understand. Explore definition, story, origination, ownership, usefulness, culture, and change.

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II. Two Dominant Western Worldviews

Western worldviews fall into two primary categories, theism and naturalism. We explore some of their contours, as apparent in the global West.

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III. Western Civilization

Is Western civilization unique? What are the worldview implications either way?

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IV. Role of America

What are the competing worldviews concerning America’s role in the world, and how do they suggest the future America should seek?

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V. Capitalism v. Socialism

Many worldview issues point to one of these two systems. What are they, how do they relate, and what are their strengths and weaknesses?

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VI. America v. Europe

How does our worldview determine our view of America and nationhood? Should the USA develop its own model or adopt those of other nations?

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VII. Current Issues in America Today

Many key worldview issues do not seem to relate to large social systems, subsystems, or even community. The great, fun, “miscellaneous” category!

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VIII. Western History

Where we are and where we go always relates to the how we got here. (A worldview assumption?) Impossible to consider I – VII without this free space.

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