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November 2018



Worldview and Belief – Part II of II

But this is where things can get really tricky, because once we start taking on beliefs concerning one or two worldview issues, we must take on views concerning all the other little buggers of worldview issues . . .

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Worldview and Belief – Part I of II

We’d like to use Dr. Stark’s terrific example of narrative bias concerning the Spanish Inquisition to demonstrate how human belief functions to determine worldview, and particularly how beliefs shape narratives . . .

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Why is Worldview Study Controversial? Part II of II

Mary Eberstadt attributes the decline in institutional religion in the U.S. to a decline in the family, not the generally accepted reason: a shrinking religion vector destroying families. In other words, she says we have it reversed . . .

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Why is Worldview Study Controversial? Part I of II

The primary point here is that you’re going to have to be controversial and think outside the box if you want to get on with worldview study. Engaging in “worldview think” is always a double-edged cutlass . . .

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