Dear Friends,

Worldview analysis appears to be more relevant than ever to our social dialogue. Today’s philosophers, politicians, educators, authors, theologians, and laymen are increasingly using the term every day. (Please see N.T. Wright’s video above, a wonderful and recent explanation of worldview.) This is not because worldview is a new and revolutionary concept—the original Weltanschauung first appeared in 1798—but because, to my belief, our society must dig deeper into the reasons behind the West’s increasing division and confusion, starting to resemble, perhaps, willful cultural suicide.

At Praxis Circle, our mission is to help build worldviews to renew a free and good society. Our goal is to accomplish this by promoting open dialogue around life’s biggest questions in a way that respects the inherent dignity of every human being. We want to go beyond exploring the major worldviews across the globe to helping you build your own worldview. We need new ways of thinking to increase understanding, bridge differences, and foster persuasion & compromise. We endorse Tom Wright’s “epistemology of love” introduced in his compelling video and described in depth in his History and Eschatology.

Building Worldviews is no small task, yet it’s one we take great joy in as an organization. Here are abbreviated highlights from 2023:

·     Released four new interviews: George WeigelErika BachiochiMike Gonzalez, and Stephen Meyer

·     Hosted two webinars with Mary Eberstadt and Anne Bradley

·     Published over 50 blog posts, including our Circle Series on Worldview Pillars focusing on God

·     Broadcasted our first podcast season of Building Worldviews featuring Os Guinness, Roger Scruton, Anne Bradley, and Mary Eberstadt

·     Launched our first e-bookWhat is a Worldview?

·     Created an active social media presence on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and LinkedIn

·     Sent 13 bi-monthly newsletters to our members

·     Hundreds of you joined our Praxis Circle membership

Thanks to your participation and support, we are grateful for a fruitful 2023. As we begin this new year, our team is highly motivated to continue carrying out the Praxis Circle mission and offer you new ways to build your worldview through our educational initiatives. Stay tuned for our upcoming interviews, resources, events, and more that we will be sharing—some exclusive only to our members. Join today for free to become a member and start receiving our emails.

Additionally, if you believe in what we are doing here at Praxis Circle, please spread the word about our organization or start off your charitable giving for the year by clicking here. Your support means the world to us, and we are looking forward to a year of growth as we continue to embark on this worldview journey together.

Best Wishes and Happy New Year 2024,

Doug Monroe

Executive Director