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Our wish for America today – on Independence Day Eve #243 (a very good number, BTW, in a very good year, by all measures) – is that we can see ourselves with love and affection as more Americans once did, but with the knowledge and beliefs we have today, including all ugliness, mess, chaos, and, yes, evil, that such knowledge includes.

Each of us has a worldview, and there could be as many distinct worldviews as there are people on earth. And each of us has a state of consciousness in every waking moment formed by knowledge and beliefs, both received and given, everchanging, during the course of one’s life.

We tend to think of knowledge as facts, and beliefs as ideas about the world more freely chosen over time. We’re quite necessarily given beliefs in our childhood and youth, and then come to examine them and adopt our own as we mature – for countless reasons in each new situation.

And, again, we never quit learning and changing. No one needs an “expert” to tell her or him that.

So, what’s your key set of beliefs concerning the United States of America?

What is it about your worldview that determines these beliefs? Where did they originate? Are they fully informed? Is your worldview as it relates to America objective and balanced?

Would your worldview pass the scrutiny of your largest relevant “tribe”? Is your tribe correct or merely self-interested?

Given these answers, what are America’s most important issues, and its best future course? How to get there?

Praxis Circle is dedicated to exploring these and all related and important worldview issues with you to the best of our ability. Recently, we’ve been investing our time generating fresh, interesting worldview video content from diverse perspectives that we hope will aid all of us in examining the above questions.

In coming weeks, we’ll be sharing this content with you!



In sum, as far as American Independence Eve, 2019, we’re no less than terrified for the world at the thought that America and the United Kingdom might not have existed as friends over the last 100 years, and we’re beyond grateful for whatever courage and goodness existed to get us where we are in this time and place.

Some passing thoughts from national “best sellers” we’ll be reviewing for you, as well:

  • Stand up straight with your shoulders back,
  • Leave your guilt behind, stop striving too hard, and rely more on faith and hope,
  • Make friends with people who want the best for you,
  • Love your enemies.

Let’s get on with the mission, given our worldview as it is for now, to preserve and strengthen the USA for our children, grandchildren, friends, fellow countrymen, and fellow world citizens.

So on the Fourth, and every day, we say God Bless America.