Heads up! There’s still time to sign up for Scrutopia’s online discussion entitled “The Life and Legacy of Sir Roger Scruton” scheduled for TODAY (Wednesday, August 26th) at 1:30 PM, EDT. Registration is here.

Sir Roger was a leading light of British conservatism and is one of our Expert Contributors (see here). He passed away in January of this year, but his legacy is being preserved by the Roger Scruton Legacy Foundation and the group “Scrutopia.” His famed summer school continues to run as well.

To hear luminaries such as Douglas Murray and Roger Kimball talk through Sir Roger’s contributions to conservative political, architectural, and musical thought is a unique opportunity. Douglas Murray is a British author, senior fellow at National Review, associate editor at The Spectator, and a political commentator. Roger Kimball is also an author at The Spectator, editor and publisher of The New Criterion, serves on the board of the Manhattan Institute, and is an author and art critic.

If you have the time, this is a “don’t miss” event. The video shown above is what’s known as “real film” from Sir Roger’s home office, as he chats with students from the Scrutopia Summer School Session, 2018.