“The parallels between the America of today and the China of the mid-1960’s haunt me. These parallels, which are the hallmarks of cultural Marxism, will destroy America as we know it, as they have every country across history. If we do not stop this now, you can bet your life that America will inevitably become a Communist-like state top to bottom.” (Mao’s America, page 70)

Here’s our book review of Praxis Circle’s Book of the Month for February 2024, Mao’s America: A Survivor’s Warning by Xi Van Fleet (2023, 275 easily-read pages) in four words: Read this incredible book!

That is, if you’re interested in understanding the EEW (Evil Empire of Wokeism), consisting of the trifecta of, in the wrong hands and with bad intent, postmodernism, cultural Marxism, and identity politics, that may have captured America from within and is now, for sure, trying to blast us out of existence.



America’s Marxist foes used to be on the outside; now they’re inside our border and dominating certain important institutions. In key respects, the CCP Chairman’s political grip on China is not much different now under Xi Jinping that it was under Mao. Little has changed, though that is not what the radical left would have us think.


Xi’s Background


Born in 1960, Xi Van Fleet grew up in Communist China under CCP Chairman Mao Zedong, and she experienced the Cultural Revolution in full (that she explains here) between 1966 and 1976. Mao’s China produced the most murderous regime in modern history, and he pursued his cult of personality-like cultural domination via the Red Guard, a national legion of primarily young Party members, whom he began preparing China for not long after taking control in 1949.

Ms. Van Fleet managed to immigrate to America in 1986 at age 26 (an amazing story in itself), where she furthered her study of English, began a professional life, married, became a mother, and dedicated herself (living eventually in the D.C. area) to learning American culture, values, and history. Over the years, she frequently studied at Catholic University in D.C.


The Impact of Her Witness


On June 8, 2021, Ms. Van Fleet made what became national news when she appeared before the Loudon Country School Board in Virginia (near D.C.) to denounce Critical Race Theory by saying in only one minute that, from her own personal experience, what the schools were doing was “the American version of the Chinese Cultural Revolution. Critical race theory has its roots in cultural Marxism. It should have no place in our schools.”

Her courage and that of others set up former Governor Terry McAuliffe for his major league gaff weeks later (September 28, 2021) in his debate with now Virginia Governor Glen Youngkin, when McAuliffe said parents should not tell schools what to teach their children. Many political analysts believe President Clinton’s former advisor, the former Chair of the Democratic National Committee, and the 72nd Governor of Virginia lost his re-election bid because of that appalling remark.

Just as George Floyd’s death ignited the short-term fire of the Summer 2020, Xi Van Fleet’s action that evening before the Loudon County School Board, Mao’s America, and her subsequent advocacy for American heritage and values might contribute to extinguishing the destabilizing fire over the long-term.

Her words are shining wisdom, and her actions are giving courage to many Americans.


Book Assessment


In the beginning, Mao’s America notes that the Summer of 2020’s BLM- and Antifa-managed riots erupting across the country after George Floyd’s death awakened America to its many, very serious cultural and political problems. America’s private sector and much of the public sector is now fully awake to the revolutionary forces that seek to destroy the nation.

Praxis Circle has explored much of the primary and secondary source literature written over the last fifteen years relating to the postmodern, cultural Marxist, and identity politics phenomena now operating within a single snake’s head, and the Summer of 2020 has shaped much of our PC interview focus since.

Two recent Books of the Month that address themes similar to Mao’s America are Letter to the American Church by Eric Metaxas (reviewed on August 16, 2023) and Live Not by Lies by Rod Dreyer (reviewed on January 12, 2023). Mr. Metaxas warns American churches of the totalitarian dangers facing America and the West by drawing parallels to the German Church in pre-Nazi Germany. Mr. Dreher warns the American public of the same after interviewing those who lived behind the Iron Curtain in Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union before 1989. Another example is our interview of Mike Gonzalez, an expert on American Marxism and BLM.

In my opinion, Ms. Van Fleet’s book might be the best of breed because she speaks from the first person, having lived under totalitarian communist rule during the Cultural Revolution as a fully devoted communist youth, with much of her family also devoted to the Party. And yet, she still incurred repeated and extended abuse, as did most communist insiders at one time or another under Mao’s China. Millions did not survive such abuse to tell their story. I remember seeing pictures of the carnage in the news as a boy. It was unbelievable to Americans.

You will learn much that’s vital to know about the history of China from Ms. Van Fleet’s unique, honest, unvarnished, and wise perspective. It can happen here and will unless it is stopped.

Xi’s story of living in and escaping from Communist China, her ability to draw the many obvious parallels between what happened there and what is happening now in America, her mature understanding of Marxism, her astute summaries of complicated material surveying the EEW (again, the Evil Empire of Wokeism) literature and its critique, and her skilled, knowledgeable, and proud U.S. citizen-to-citizen tone have made Mao’s America an instant classic and best seller.

Like Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin, perhaps Mao’s America will make a truly huge difference. Certainly, Praxis Circle will try to get it in as many American hands as possible.


Short Summary


A good, vanilla book summary appears here. A few, final comments follow.

Ms. Van Fleet describes simply and clearly how identity politics and CRT work with a Marxist focus (developed by the Emperor of the Evil Empire) through the various victimhood ism’s and phobia’s to divide us, foster hate, and cancel our fundamental American freedoms. She explains exactly how totalitarian forces since World War II have aimed to destroy the American family (where the allegiance must go from the child to parents, rather than from child to the State), our educational systems, and our allegiance to God and country.

Make no mistake: While Classical Marxism has given way to Neo-Marxism, the primary goal of the Snake is to destroy the American family, the core of Western civilization. Parents are simply biological production factories to the Snake; the State owns your children. We disregard this at our own peril.

Also and nearly as important, these radical left forces seek to destroy Christianity as a religion and replace it with the religion of Marxism attached to an all powerful State, run by an elite Party. As time goes on in every case known to history since the early 1800s, the Party increasingly tolerates no internal or external dissent, and past service or loyalty is no guarantee of security in the future, even and especially for powerful Party members.

When truth, reason, and human beings mean nothing, loyalty and love, certainly, exist only at power’s pleasure. Clearly, America is already well down this road on many levels.

What might be a critique of Mao’s America? Well, maybe it’s not really that bad in the U.S.? Or maybe EEW warriors aren’t really so badly intended? Maybe we can have total freedom for the individual without morality, total wealth and happiness equality at the highest level, and total commitment to Party dogma without dissent, all the same time?

The vast majority of Americans who base their worldview on Classical Judeo-Christianity (CJC) have recognized how absurd this is. The left’s words are well on record now, and their actions have spoken louder than their words. There is a reason why Satan is frequently portrayed as The Deceiver.

The Evil Emperor’s (Herbert Marcuse’s, 1898 – 1979) Neo-Marxism will die the death it deserves, now that it’s being outed in so many ways. Marcuse’s ingratitude to America is far, far beyond comprehension. But that is true of all soldiers of the Empire today.


Final Words


From here, please allow Ms. Van Fleet to speak for herself. We offer a few last quotes below.

We have more than enough evidence since approximately 2015 to know that Ms. Fleet’s words are true, and we are most grateful to her for embracing the mission to warn us. She is a great American. A patriot with a capital P. Patrick Henry is loving it!!

As she suggests, there’s always hope in America as long as the people, not the elites, are in control.

Yet time is running short, and all must act with informed prudence and courage similar to hers. We cannot go backwards but must move ahead with new narratives and language to describe what progress truly is today. We know, but we need the words.

Mao’s America offers the full landscape that voting Americans face going into this critical election year. We suggest you do your duty as a citizen and give it a read.


Select quotes closely related to worldview:


“Today in public schools, Christianity has been replaced with the new religion of Marxism, and among its tenets are multiculturalism; identity ideologies; intersectionality; social justice; diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI); green politics . . . all in all, the religion of woke ideologies.” (page 257)

“Historic fact is undeniable. Socialism is not about tending to the needs of the poor. Nor is it about sharing and caring. Socialism is about government taking wealth by force from one group and redistributing it to others until it runs out. Socialism is about subjugating the populace and making them dependent on the government. Socialism is about creating scarcity and poverty. . . . I lived it firsthand growing up for twenty-six years. Nothing much has changed, except now it’s happening in America.” (page 228)

“Religious diversity or religious pluralism [DEI in religion] is just code for the real goal, which is to exclude Christianity from the club. . . . to convince others that its traditional role as the foundation of Western civilization should be rejected . . . America was created through the forces of multiculturalism and religious pluralism. Not true. . . . America was founded exclusively on Christian principles and values. Individual liberty and natural rights are rooted in Christianity, certainly not in Islam or Buddhism. They did not come from other religious traditions – definitely not from Confucianism.” (pages 228 and 229)

“It is increasingly apparent to me that the woke religion was created as an antithesis of Christianity to undermine the Christian culture. The left cites the Bible with twisted interpretations to preach the narrative. They exploit Christian virtues such a love, kindness, compassion, and charity to either manipulate or force people into conforming to their new norms and new morality. They prey on the goodness in people and their disdain for any form of racism and channel it into white guilt. They weaponize the best of human nature to make evil acceptable.” (page 235)

” . . . this Woke cultural revolution in America is the elites’ pathway to their ultimate destination: the so-called ‘China Model,’ a ruthless totalitarian regime armed with surveillance and AI technology that will control every move of individuals 24/7. . . . I can assure you that our freedom will be taken away and we will all be brought under total subjugation by the state no matter whether you are on the left or right.

Dear reader, this has been my warning.” (page 275)