In his pre-midterms column “Capitalism Besieged”, Robert Samuelson provides his brief comments on capitalism and on the books Capitalism in America: A History by Alan Greenspan and Adrian Wooldridge, as well as Can American Capitalism Survive? by his colleague Steven Pearlstein, both published just this fall, and just in time for the growing national debate pitting capitalism against socialism.



Is a socialist economic system necessary to create a “fair” economy? Or can capitalism be “fixed” to provide fairness? What is fairness anyway?

Now we’re talking basic worldview. Your religious views, your socio-economic status, your education, even where you live will all influence your answers to the above questions.

Samuelson offers an interesting view by describing capitalism as more of a “spirit” with only a few ground rules. Greenspan and Wooldridge provide a timely review of the history of American capitalism which might be required reading before jumping into the capitalism/socialism argument. And Pearlstein presents a perspective that argues for a “reformed capitalism.” One thing is crystal clear: Fundamental facts and precepts are being questioned.

Questioning is the beginning of building a worldview. It can help you create an informed position in this discussion; it may even lead you to new and novel thoughts! Join the discussion now: PC membership.