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Contributor video posts telling a worldview story.



A Perspective on Truth

Our human lives do seem to fall like mustard seeds, though each of us has responsibility for where we ultimately rest. This view itself is an expression of worldview, and none of us are free from bias . . .

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My Dad Was Iron Man!

We’re not joking here (My Dad Was Iron Man!). Dr. John Miller’s father was Iron Man, but what he taught his son was that strength is about character, not physical might . . .

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Zeno’s Child

Of course, for good reasons, the ancients were fascinated with bows and arrows, and they frequently used shooting as a metaphor to describe truth, life purpose, virtue, and sin . . .

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One Brit’s Childhood in China

Our stories are usually interesting, and often dramatic, entertaining, or fun; we all can and do learn from each other. In fact, . . .

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