Happy June! In this Orbits post, we’re taking the time to feature recent Contributor content that caught our attention. As you can see, much of their worldview thought leadership goes beyond the bounds of Praxis Circle itself. Worldview is everywhere, and we’re thankful for our Contributors who continue to promote important ideals and principles in the work that they do.

The Justice Mothers Are Due

“Veterans today are justly provided disability compensation, pensions, education, training and employment services, health care, home loans, insurance, and even burial costs. Mothers (and fathers), whose caregiving labors make possible all other goods, are barely given thanks. It’s time to resurrect the soldier-mother analogy and provide caregiving parents their just due.”

Contributor Erika Bachiochi offers us an opportunity to reflect on our recent celebration of two important holidays this month: Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. Do we respect, honor, support, and provide justice to mothers (or any caregiving parent) in the same way we do so for our veterans? Erika argues that “As the women and men who provide the very preconditions for every other social, economic, and political good – and often at great personal sacrifice to themselves – it’s their just due.”

This is not to diminish the great sacrifice that our heroes have made in fulfilling their duty to their country, but to remind us of our first duty—motherhood and fatherhood:



To watch the full interview, click here.

Robert George on PragerU

Contributor Robert George was recently featured in a PragerU video this past month on the morality of the U.S. Constitution. The clip is below, along with the other PragerU clips he has done in the past. Robert does a fantastic job of countering the argument that America’s founding principles are corrupt—instead, corruption comes from a failure to live up to these very principles.

Additionally, Robert addresses the need for the spirit of republicanism, the myth of separation between church and state, and the tyranny of a pure democracy in his other clips. To watch him expand on these ideas in his Praxis Circle interview, click here.







Who Won the Cold War?

“Curiously, the most indispensable of the many victors in the Cold War—the American people—are now suffering from a ‘failure to thrive.’ Their social wellbeing has been faltering for some time. Ironically, many of these new problems date back to around the time when the Berlin Wall fell.”

Part I – Wealth Promotion

Part II – Health Advance

Part III – Mortality Rates

Part IV – Survival Patterns

In Contributor Nicholas Eberstadt’s recent commentary series, Nick explores the state of the United States post-Soviet Union by examining the overall trends of wealth, health, and survival of American citizens. His findings prompt an important question: why do we seem to be doing worse off than our Cold War adversaries? Nick addresses these ideas and more in our interview:




To watch the full interview, click here.