We introduced the man-animal (cat, in this case) and man-robot distinctions in our last post, as well as our first Member Contributor, Roscoe Brumback. Although Roscoe would never admit it, he’s quite a “cool cat” himself, and he’s always had a lot of spin on the ball of life. Our human dilemma always seems to lie between these two poles (animal-robot), and it’s where our worldviews can often be helpful.

In the clip featured here, we present another great American, Dr. Michael Novak, who needs no introduction to many familiar with American political philosophy. (Please see: Michael Novak – Wall Street Journal.)

Dr. Novak advised such notable citizens of the world as Presidents Kennedy and Reagan and Pope John Paul II. Dr. Novak has a personal page on our Praxis website as an Expert Contributor, and we offer his Full Interview to anyone who becomes a Praxis Circle Member.

In fact, our interview was likely one of Dr. Novak’s last Full Interviews on video recorded before his death in February 2017.

It was a true honor and privilege to meet, have dinner, and have a morning-long conversation with this world-class philosopher, theologian, and American. We will never forget it or him, and we’re deeply grateful for the kindness and wisdom he offered to so many in life.



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So, please become a PC Member and see Dr. Novak’s personal page found on our website. It’s loaded with insights, as are all Contributors interviews.

As further explanation, the primary difference between our Expert (Dr. Novak) and Member (Mr. Brumback) Contributors is that our Experts carry sufficient credentials to be considered expert in some important academic aspect of worldview; in other words, Experts command an audience in a subject relating to the worldview topic.

In contrast, while our Member contributors are certainly experts in the game of life, as well as their chosen professions (if any), they’re not necessarily expert in any specific academic arena relating directly to the generally-accepted worldview subject.

(Actually, it’s quite a tough job separating our Praxis friends into Expert versus Member Contributors, but somebody has to do it.)

In conclusion: We hope you enjoy the short clip above, where Dr. Novak explains how two family cats taught him so much about Western liberty and what it is to be human.