Dr. Julia Burns’ Personal Page


“I have less than a 25% chance to survive two more years.”

This is what Dr. Julia Burns, featured above, privately said almost exactly six years ago.

For now, by all accounts, Julia’s highly aggressive, inflammatory, and advanced breast cancer is completely gone.



Julia Burns is a Praxis Circle Member Contributor now living in Chapel Hill, NC, who’s leading an amazing professional life as a psychiatrist, as well as a married mother of three adults.

She’s a dedicated Christian and believes God is in no one’s pocket, but that God played a role in clearing her body of cancer, most likely through direct help and the love & prayers of her family and friends.

As the video’s title asks: “Was it matter, mind, or love?” that has turned the disease away to date?

She says it was “all of the above”: matter (the right medical care, diet, and lifestyle since diagnosis), mind (positive approach, meditation, and prayer), and love (of family, friends, and God . . . and even strangers who prayed for her situation).

But we want Julia to do the talking, so we encourage you to watch the video above.

Beyond that, if you have more interest, please see her Full Interview  (at the bottom of the page), particularly videos JB-18 through JB-28 where she discusses her battle with breast cancer in detail.



Now, here’s a key worldview question: Is there an unseen world of a powerful and good Creator God, who wants a personal relationship with each of us?

This question illuminates of all humanity’s major worldviews:

  • Another world? Of what kind?
  • What’s in it?
  • Its relationship, if any, to this one?
  • No? Then what about this one?
  • Where do we go from here?

Monotheists tend to call this god of another world the God of Grace, with grace roughly defined here, whose actions have played out in history into various narratives.



In our lighter moments, many of us might feel like Jeff Lebowski in The Big Lebowski or Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, being at the crossroads of humanity’s major worldviews, as presented in red and blue above.

In our time and place here on earth, yes, we can sometimes tolerate conflicting thoughts, but, like Jeff and Dorothy, we usually have to pick one road to follow with our actions in pursuit of our goals, especially when times are most challenging.

Obviously, Julia did so, and she believes the short answer to the above question about a powerful and good Creator God is yes, based on her own well-educated knowledge and experience, which clearly goes well beyond just her own personal experience.

However, as her videos indicate, she knows that many more in her shoes have not been as fortunate, a heart-breaking fact to her and to most. She knows none of us can have any assurance about our physical selves or those of our loved ones.

And she knows we raise extremely difficult issues here, where reasonable people all over the world differ, and that they do so in quite radical ways.

Clearly, Julia understands the unfairness in all of that.

It’s perhaps at best a mystery.



In our next Circling post, God is Gracious – Part III of III, we’ll get back on the trail of trying to offer some much-needed answers, rather than just good questions, by serving up a key insight that, IOHO, unlocks some of the mystery of that Classic Western movie, Shane, introduced in God is Gracious – Part I of III.

With that illuminating insight – again, we’ll even call it an answer – tucked under your belt, you’ll be much better prepared for the continued worldview journey into 2020.