Gratitude 101 



Thank You!

First, as Praxis Circle ends its first full year of operation (out in public view), I (with Q) would like to express most sincere thanks to those who’ve made major contributions to the Praxis project.

We mention several key names below, all of whom remain active to various degrees and who live in Richmond, VA (except for BJ who moved to Los Angeles and Maurice who lives in Montreal). We list their names in the approximate order of when we began working together:

  • May-Lily Lee – Creative Advisor, Videographer, Video Editor, Member Contributor – nexTV Communications – American Spark TV
  • Caroline Marvel – Creative, Brand, Web, and Marketing Advisor – Branding Marvel
  • Daniel Bagbey – Videographer, Post-Production, and Video Library Manager –  Ovrbord Media
  • Mason New – Internet Education Advisor and Teacher – NewVia, LLC
  • Maria Jones – Managing Editor – Operations and Research (our Boss)
  • Patrick Gregory – Videographer and Post-Production – Flexible Cinema
  • BJ Robinette – Videographer and Post-Production – Robinette Films
  • Clay Hamner – Creative, Web, and Public Relations Advisor – Lythos Studios
  • Maurice Depestre – Web Designer – Lythos Studios
  • Will Trible – Web Designer – TribleWork

We’re most grateful to each of you for your accomplished skill in doing what you do and for your patience in seeing this project forward. We have a terrific team and are fortunate to be working with such talented professionals.

Thank you!



Gratitude to 2019’s New Contributors

Second, nearing the end of a busy year in 2019, we’d like to introduce our seven new Praxis Circle Expert Contributors with their Full Interviews:  Eben Alexander, Bart Ehrman, Jay Ford, Charles Mathewes, Deirdre McCloskey, Karen Newell, and Roger Scruton. All seven are listed here in alphabetical order among their fellow Experts.

During much of the next year we’ll explain why each of these Contributors has so much to say about worldview, while interviewing a whole new group we’ve already started to assemble.



Karen Newell  

Third, with the video above (2:18), we introduce Karen Newell, a professional in mindfulness and spirituality. Karen is Eben Alexander’s partner and teaches meditation techniques, emphasizing sacred sounds and connections between the heart & mind. These are fascinating subjects few know much about but that are growing rapidly in popularity.

Here Karen emphasizes that a spirit of gratitude is one of the most important elements of peace and happiness. Indeed, she’s quite correct: Regular people like us need constant reminders to appreciate what’s regularly taken for granted.

That’s what our American Founders knew, and what the Thanksgiving holiday teaches. Fortunately, Gratitude 101’s a pass – fail course that nobody needs to flunk.

We commend Karen’s thoughts to you and would like to wish you, your family, and your friends a happy Thanksgiving break.

And for all you “Brain-in-a-Vat” and “Matrix” lovers out there, here are Karen’s remaining thoughts on this important subject (1:03). (We’ll relate it to the subject of ethics soon):



(Clue: The brain alone won’t get it for humanity. And don’t forget the stomach! See below.)



Steve Kelley