As of now, it’s essential to take C-19 very seriously and learn from amazing regular Americans, who’ve faced medical tragedy in heroic fashion. Please watch the story below of Reverend John Miller’s father. We did a post on this Iron Man Dad just before the pandemic crisis broke (2-12-20, my how quickly times change), and it’s more relevant now than ever. Trust us and check it out if you didn’t the last time.



My Dad was Iron Man


Of course, it’s also good to keep a sense of humor through it all; to look for the good, happy, and better angels of our nature. So, also included below are two of our Praxis Circle collaborator’s (Steve Kelley’s) very recent cartoons commenting on the crisis, as well as the link to the post introducing Steve.




What is Taxation?

BTW, PC has a fine team assembled specifically to offer more comic relief later this year, but more on that another time.



Finally, to lighten your burden still further, please see these four, short, greatest hit video-audios PC fans have served up since the C-19 situation surfaced. Without a doubt, the first one (only 0:14) will be nominated for an Oscar. You’ve probably seen it already, so, if you have, please join the rest of us binge watchers: It provides a hit combo of happy hormones every time. 🙂 

America loves a challenge and knows how to do this.






Our best character as a nation is unfolding before our eyes.



PS – And if you really don’t have enough to distract you, try these posts offering an overview of the worldview concept.


What is a Worldview? Part I of III

What is a Worldview? Part II of III

What is a Worldview? Part III of III


Worldview analysis offers a terrific tool for life. By definition, it points to answers to life’s most important questions.

These are answers we all need, governing our actions whether front-of-mind or not.

The good news is it’s your journey to find them within your own circle of X’s and O’s.