Cartoons used by permission of Henry Payne


Happy Thanksgiving Day!

This holiday morning we feature cartoons from one of our favorite cartoonists, Henry Payne of The Detroit News. Having raised his family in the Motown area, Henry has become a certifiable fan of two things – cars and the NFL Detroit Lions. As you may know, the Lions have played tackle football on Thanksgiving Day every year since 1934 (excepting the War years, 1939 – 1944), and the game has become an American tradition.

Last year, we introduced Henry on Election Day, presenting some of his cartoons relevant to that highly charged political year. Please see the link here for Henry’s picture and a sample of his work, when politics was red hot . . . as hot as it gets. Well, as you might agree, that seems like eons ago. In any case, politics stayed hot this year in Virginia, at least.

Let the games continue! They will today at 12:30 EST between the Detroit Lions (0-9-1) and the Chicago Bears (3-7). While the Lions have had some terrific teams (for ’57 championship game, see here in three volumes; follow all links provided), particularly in the 1950’s when cars, football, and Detroit were king, their Thanksgiving Day record (37-42-2, with a home field advantage) leaves something to be desired.

Yet, most of America remains diehard Lions-for-a-day each November on the fourth Thursday. Americans love the Underdog. Today, we’ll be rooting yet again for a real America’s Team, our Thanksgiving Day “Bad News Lions.”

One way or another, we have no doubt Lions fans everywhere will find a real turkey at center stage.



In closing, please remember: If worldviews begin to clash around the dinner table due to Uncle Fester or Cousin Viola showing up unexpectedly . . . take a tip from Henry’s turkey above – a “COVID cough” remains the surest way to self-preservation. Fester and Viola will be gone before you serve the giblet gravy.

Cartoons aside, we wish your family a wonderful holiday weekend, and hope it overflows with blessings and gratitude. There is certainly much to be grateful for in America despite our current struggles. 2021 has demonstrated that lovers of freedom can still make a difference when they advocate for the ideas and values that made our First Thanksgiving possible.