Our newest Contributor is here: Abigail Shrier!

In this compelling interview, author and independent journalist Abigail Shrier delves into the heart of her investigative journalism journey, shedding light on the profound societal implications of her groundbreaking book, Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters (2020). Let’s explore the key revelations and insights from this compelling conversation.


The Genesis of Her Book, Irreversible Damage


Mrs. Shrier unveils the genesis of her seminal work, Irreversible Damage, tracing its origins to her research on the well-being of young women in the United States. Amid her investigations, she stumbled upon a disconcerting trend: a surge in young girls identifying as transgender. This discovery, coupled with the overwhelming response to her Wall Street Journal article on the subject, propelled Mrs. Shrier to delve deeper into this pressing issue and culminate her findings into a book.



Unraveling Gender Dysphoria and Social Contagion


In the interview, Mrs. Shrier delves into the complexities of gender dysphoria and explains how the youth trans movement is symptomatic of social contagion. She unpacks the inherent risks of gender-affirming “care,” asserting that it falls short of genuine medical intervention. Moreover, Mrs. Shrier examines the pivotal role of parents in navigating this phenomenon, highlighting the repercussions of a “value vacuum” where parental guidance and transmission of core values are lacking in the United States.




Courage Rooted in Truth


Amid discussions on controversial topics, Mrs. Shrier reflects on the wellspring of her courage. She attributes her resolve to her father’s unwavering encouragement to champion truth from a young age. Driven by a sense of responsibility to combat harmful falsehoods jeopardizing children and families, Mrs. Shrier transcends fears of societal backlash or cancellation, steadfastly committed to unveiling truth in her work.

Mrs. Shrier articulates her fervent hope for doctors, medical professionals, and experts to embrace truth-telling regarding gender dysphoria and the perils of transitioning children and adolescents. She contends that the cessation of harm necessitates a collective endeavor to disseminate truth and empower parents to safeguard their children from the allure of the gender agenda.



Inspiration in Truth-Telling Advocacy


Mrs. Shrier’s interview serves as a beacon of inspiration, exemplifying the power of advocacy in the pursuit of truth amidst prevailing silence. With the recent release of her latest book, Bad Therapy: Why the Kids Aren’t Growing Up, which scrutinizes the mental health industry’s detrimental impact on children, Mrs. Shrier continues to catalyze critical conversations and challenge prevailing paradigms.

As we reflect on Mrs. Shrier’s unwavering commitment to truth, may we heed her call to action, championing transparency and protection in the face of societal challenges. We hope that you will take the time to watch her interview in full and buy both of her books, which are sure to make you think more deeply about the influences shaping children and how we should respond as a nation.

Where there is truth there is light, and where there is light there is hope that we can and will do better.