At Praxis Circle, we are privileged to engage with some of the most distinguished minds in fields relating to worldview. Today, we are thrilled to introduce Mike Gonzalez, a Senior Fellow at the Heritage Foundation. Mike is a prominent figure in the realms of immigration, foreign policy, and identity politics. You can watch the full Praxis Circle interview by viewing the playlist above.

Born in Cuba, Mike’s life story is marked by resilience and a commitment to freedom and Judeo-Christian values. His family, seeking refuge from the Castro dictatorship, fled Cuba in 1972 when Mike was 12, eventually immigrating to the United States.

Mike explains how the United States served as a “beacon of freedom” to those suffering under the Communist regime because of America’s unparalleled organizing principles. While these organizing principles have been under attack now for decades, much hope is found in Mike’s work, being dedicated today to stopping the cultural genocide attempting to destroy America.



While Mike has always touched on Marxism’s external threats to America over his more than twenty professional years in research and journalism, Mike turned his attention several years ago directly toward America’s internal struggles—those that demonstrated themselves clearly in the United States during the summer of 2020.

What Mike reveals in our interview is fascinating: By no accident and following many prior Far Left waves, Communist and advanced Marxist ideas arrived at America’s doorstep via the BLM movement and the self-proclaimed intellectual elite’s fixation on identity politics. His two recent books, The Plot to Change America: How Identity Politics is Dividing the Land of the Free (2020) and BLM: The Making of a New Marxist Revolution (2021) tackle these stories head on.

Viewers receive a synopsis of his research and the history necessary to understand Marxism’s far-reaching threat to America and its Judeo-Christian organizing principles.



Mike sounds a strong warning to Americans, and he leaves us with much hope—many of us, he claims, are waking up to the logical fallacies imbedded into identity politics and the reality that there is a dangerous plot attempting to radically alter the fabric of our nation. And people are rising up to do something about it across the country. He is optimistic that truth will prevail as more become informed, take responsibility locally, and ally across the country.



Mike masterfully addresses some of today’s most contentious topics by better equipping viewers to participate in conversations about identity politics, systemic racism, Marxism, and critical theory. His own life demonstrates how American minorities can flip the script by refusing to live a life dictated or identified by grievances. While not perfect, America is a country Mike believes must be protected and preserved for freedom across the world.

Thank you, Mike, for a fantastic interview that will inform and educate people of all ages.