Victoria Cobb’s Personal Page


We warmly welcome Victoria Cobb, President of The Family Foundation of Virginia, to Praxis Circle’s group of Contributors! Victoria, the Foundation’s president for seventeen years, is a leading expert on public policy and its effects on families in Virginia. Please start the playlist above to watch her full interview.

We interviewed Victoria at The Family Foundation’s headquarters, known as the Stewart-Lee House and the home to which General Robert E. Lee returned after surrendering at Appomattox. She begins by explaining her start at the Foundation as an intern where she impressively moved on to serve as the organization’s president. Having worked at the Foundation for many years, Victoria has persevered to help safeguard its purpose to “preserve and promote the family in God’s design” and continues to do so to this day, when Virginia’s and America’s society is challenging the very principles the Foundation aims to protect on every front.

Victoria is a graduate of the University of Richmond where she studied political science and leadership, which prepared her well to lead the Foundation. She believes her practical business philosophy has helped it to continue to succeed in its mission. Victoria describes her job as being the enabler of her team to fulfill the Foundation’s mission and that she looks for those who are “hungry, humble, and smart.”

Throughout her interview, Victoria underscores the importance of the Judeo-Christian worldview in general, and her Christian faith in particular, in defending unborn life (a passion of hers since her own childhood), the importance of the traditional family in raising children, and the free exercise of religion. She discusses at length what worldview is, its importance in life, and the relevance of personal faith (or the lack thereof) in both individual lives and society as a whole – all while not consulting a single note and retaining her usual upbeat and energetic demeanor!

Victoria provides a serious look at current hot-button topics, including freedom of speech, transgenderism, abortion, and the growth of tyranny in our society, particularly in the state of Virginia. She gives an excellent picture of the current status of various changes in Virginia’s laws and their impact on families along with a rigorous assessment of them from the Christian perspective. She is also able to highlight several inaccuracies in others’ “takes” on the Christian perspective. Her interview reveals her years of deep thought on all of these subjects and her ability to distill them to their essence.

This is a must-see interview, and Praxis Circle is proud to have Victoria join us!