Praxis Circle is honored to announce the release of our second interview with Contributor Mary Eberstadt. To watch, please start the playlist above.

Since our first interview eight years ago, Mary has become the Panula Chair in Christian Culture at the Catholic Information Center. She has also authored many consequential pieces of cultural analysis, perhaps the most notable being her book Primal Screams: How the Sexual Revolution Created Identity Politics. In her interview, Mary explains the premise of this book and how the breakdown of the family has created a serious loss of personal identity in the West:


The foresight Mary has on key, cultural issues involving religion and the family are unparalleled, earning her the title of “prophet” by Contributor Robert George. In fact, she sees the riots of 2020 as the culmination of her forward-thinking social analysis:


We asked Mary to return for a second interview because she has become a leading spokesperson for Christianity, family, and patriotism. We also wanted our audience to know more about Mary personally, which is why a good portion of the interview is dedicated to her life, work, and the important influences that helped shape her into the thought leader she is today. The rest of the interview is dedicated to timely questions, such as:

  • “What would it mean for Roe v. Wade to be overturned?”
  • “What policy changes could help support the family?”
  • “What are the consequences of modern-day feminism?”
  • “Why is basic biology under attack?”
  • “How should we engage the religious ‘nones’ of today’s younger generations?”
  • “Christianity vs. Atheism: Which side has the most problematic record?”

The interview comes full circle when we ask her this concluding question: “Are you more or less hopeful about American since our first interview?” Her answer is encouraging.


Thank you, Mary, for another incredibly insightful interview. We are grateful for the important work you do advocating for the values that keep our families (and, consequently, our nation) healthy and free. All of this begins with a truthfully ordered worldview, and it is our hope that the Praxis Circle community will use our interviews and other resources to build a strong worldview that can confidently be stood on. Only then can we know what and why things are worth fighting for.