Os Guinness’ Personal Page


Contributor Os Guinness hardly needs an introduction. For anyone interested in worldview—particularly Christian, Jewish, and Western worldviews—you have most likely encountered his work. He has written 30 books, and his many speeches and interviews are plentiful over the Internet. Os is the Founder of The Trinity Forum, headquartered in Washington, D.C.

To those already following Praxis Circle, you know him as one of our first Contributors. In fact, Os is quite literally the Father of Praxis Circle because back in December 2013 he suggested our worldview focus before we had fully developed a mission. We were interviewing Os then because of his recent books about freedom in the global public square and its Judeo-Christian origins.

Want to know why the West, particularly America—unlike the rest of the world—is so interested in freedom in general and individual liberty in particular? Just ask Os for straight, understandable answers.

In any case, in the first interview, Os stopped us somewhere around question 22 or 23 and said, “Now, Doug, of course, all of your questions here are about worldview.”

Well, that got us to thinking and set us off on what is now a nine-year course of study. And here we are.

As usual, Os was exactly right. He can be trusted as a learned, objective, and reasoned advisor. You may disagree with him, but there are few, if any, more wise and articulate observers of America, Western Europe, Christianity, and secularism. Indeed, he is one of their biggest fans.

Since that first interview, Os has written seven books. In this second interview filmed last November, he offers comments on each of the seven published to that point:

During the summer of 2020, Western society and culture boiled over under COVID’s pressure, and we continue to experience decline. The Ukrainian War amplifies our internal problems. As a result, Os’ analysis today is more important than ever. We are extremely grateful for his time.

In the new interview featured above, we discuss how Christians can express a biblical worldview effectively within today’s culture, the state of America and Europe, the problem with globalism, the difference between patriotism and nationalism, the dangers of modernity, the source of America’s division, how to sustain American freedom, and other themes found in recent books.

In sum, this interview touches on the worldview topics Os has embraced for over 30 years as one of the world’s leading advocates and defenders of Western civilization, the American Experiment, freedom, and Christian leadership—topics that are timely, relevant, and absolutely critical to understanding the world today.

Os’ answers offer insight delivered with great economy. Regardless of your viewpoint, if you are interested in building your worldview, Os’ light illuminates your pathway.

And we look forward to The Great Quest being released today!