Contributor Nicholas Eberstadt


We are excited to introduce a new Praxis Circle Contributor, Dr. Nicholas Eberstadt! Dr. Eberstadt holds the Henry Wendt Chair in Political Economy at the American Enterprise Institute. Please start the playlist above to watch his full interview.

Born to a well-established family in New York, Dr. Eberstadt attended the Phillips Exeter Academy before earning his undergraduate degree at Harvard. He graduated magna cum laude with an A.B. in economics and went on to earn his M.P.A. and Ph.D. there as well. He also earned a M.Sc. from London School of Economics. While studying in London, Dr. Eberstadt describes experiencing the beginning of a personal worldview shift after witnessing firsthand the fiscal troubles the U.K. was experiencing in the late 1970s.

Along with valuable mentorship from his professors and the life experience of starting a family, Dr. Eberstadt eventually moved from progressive leftism to a more balanced mindset. Today, the institution of family and the other “little platoons of civil society” are driving factors in his approach to economics and worldview.

Dr. Eberstadt has been a teaching and visiting fellow at Harvard along with a research fellow at the Rockefeller Foundation. He is now the Henry Wendt Chair in Political Economy at the American Enterprise Institute, where he has served since 1999. His research is on demographics and economic development generally, and more specifically on international security in Asia and the Korean peninsula. Dr. Eberstadt is also currently a Senior Adviser to the National Bureau of Asian Research and Founding Board Member of the US Committee on Human Rights in North Korea. He has also been invited to give expert testimony before Congress on multiple occasions and has served as consultant or adviser for a variety of units within the US government.

In 2012, Dr. Eberstadt received the prestigious Bradley Prize. He was also awarded the AEI Irving Kristol Award in 2020. He is the author of many books, studies, and articles. He has appeared on radio and television, ranging from NPR to CNN’s “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.” Many come to him for commentary on issues like economics and foreign affairs.

In his Praxis Circle interview, Dr. Eberstadt discusses his perspective on key concepts such as capitalism, the rise of the modern welfare state, curing worldwide poverty, U.S. foreign policy, the war in Ukraine, and more.

We are grateful Dr. Eberstadt has joined his wife and special PC Contributor, Mary Eberstadt, in giving Praxis Circle his expert insight on some of today’s most pressing issues. As you seek to continue broadening and strengthening your own worldview, we know this interview will be worth your while!