“Consciously or unconsciously, the act of rebellion by the oppressed (an act which is always, or nearly always, as violent as the initial violence of the oppressors) can initiate love. Whereas the violence of the oppressors prevents the oppressed from being fully human, the response of the latter to this violence is grounded in the desire to pursue the right to be human.” (Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire, pages 54-55, 1968)


“I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!” Mugatu (Zoolander, 2001)


Crazy Pills, Anyone?


Yes, I might seem to have a personal obsession with Zoolander, a movie released in 2001. We’ve featured the clip above before. It’s a parody on itself and all of us, and it’s turned out to have prophetic power. I wish it were not true. Few would have guessed that in 2001 or even as late s 2012, and yet, America has finally caught up with Mugatu: We’re all taking crazy pills (see the clip).

Though noticeable for least 40 years, the presence of full-on Stockholm Syndrome hit me squarely last week when writing our Book of the Month review of Xi Van Feet’s Mao’s America. We’ve succumbed to the strategy and embraced every false criticism our enemies hurl our way. Enough is enough, and many regular people like me are seeing it now.


Rate Your Oppressor Status


Mao’s America offers the reader a rating system for self-scoring your own role as an American “oppressor of the oppressed.” Anyone can understand the book’s description of how postmodernism, cultural Marxism, and identity politics (IP) work together to polarize and subvert America and the West.

How does this work?

Well, postmodernism attempts to subvert truth and reason, the foundations for Western rule of law, and it seeks with Marxism to destroy “capitalism” (a free political-economy) and Christian morality (family) using the tools IP provides. With Xi Van Fleet’s ultra-clear presentation, we have only ourselves to blame for any consequences resulting from a failure to recognize these serious threats and to eliminate them going forward.

What the far Left wants is destruction of the United States through total cultural and political revolution; they say this in simple language over and over again. Our decadent society sits in comfort hoping I am being delusional, or hoping that perhaps it will somehow all get better one day with no effort from them.

How will you score as an oppressor in the Brave New World of our future?

Try taking Ms. Van Fleet’s test like I did to determine your evil rating, let’s say as Mugatu’s Prime Minister of Malaysia, and thus determine how much you deserve cultural, political, or actual death.

Xi offers the test in her chapter entitled, “Born Guilty: How an Identity Divides,” on pages 109 to 114. She offers 12 generally-accepted grievance categories, or identities, that determine the extent of one’s intersectionality. She emphasizes that the list is not complete and that it will continue to grow as victims in the U.S. discover more victimization.

“All one needs to do is identify themselves as anything they desire and therefore qualify as a victim.” (page 112) “Divide and conquer is an old tactic. Older than Marxism. But it is cultural Marxism that perfected it and weaponized it to achieve their goal of destroying America.” (page 117) The only difference between doing a test now and in the Brave New World to come will be that your enemies will be doing your rating.


My Own Rating: Off- the-Charts!


In reviewing Mao’s America‘s list of identity politics characteristics, I realized as an American oppressor that I rate a Perfect -12. This is not good; not good at all. The worst.

Twelve is the number of good versus evil categories as of today that define, with horrible scores like mine, the overwhelming degree of oppression in America now. In essence, this is the oppression that’s plagued the world coming out of Northern Europe since at least the early 1600s.

(One cannot help but wonder how we white, male, Northern Europeans got so good at this; impressive! And query: Why should we stop now? Don’t count on it. We invented the piano-key necktie, did we not?)

If you are on the good side of a category you get a positive point; if on the bad side, a negative point.

Total your score up from each category. If the total is positive, you are good; if negative, you are pretty darn evil. Ms. Van Fleet herself is only a female Mini-Me with a pretty unimpressive score of -3.5. She got some positive points for being a female, immigrant, Asian, senior, though she had to subtract .5 since being Asian is “white-adjacent.” As you know, Asians as a whole can be equal to or even way more oppressively competent than white folks, but that’s only because they ruin everyone’s curve by trying too hard. No doubt, Ms. Van Fleet must do some building to catch Austin Powers himself.

Let’s see: I’m rich not poor (as is almost every American by virtue of being here; my wealth being earned, however); male not female; heterosexual not LGBTQ, etc.; cisgender not non-binary or trans; Christian not some other faith or ismist; able-bodied not disabled; young (Ha!) not old; reasonably fit not fat; American not immigrant; correct not incorrect (actually, Ms. Fleet defines this one as “conservative versus progressive,” but those two categories now are false or worse—patently absurd—with more on this in later PC posts); a supporter of law enforcement not a de-funder and de-armer; and un-vaxed not vaxed. (In truth, I did get two vaccinations but would not likely do it again due to shaky clinical research, knowing two who died from vaccines, and witnessing what such vast Orwellian government overreach and discrimination does to our people. So, I answered that one honestly, in hindsight.)

In sum, my perfect score as an oppressor comes down to being, of course, white, but also a Christian (faith), a proud American (flag), and a monogamous, married Dad (family; with three adult children who are also breeders, i.e., married with children).

In other words, I am what’s known as normal, representing some version of the vast majority of men in this country. Though I feel like a Teddy Bear most of the time having worked all my life for social justice or just plain justice as I see it, I would have to say that anyone who truly fears and wants to eliminate me is suffering from normaphobia or worse, criminal intent.


Are You Normal? There Is Nothing to Fear but Truth Itself


We have reviewed postmodernism much in the past and have described how vital it is for anti-Americans to convince us that truth, reason, God, and morality do not exist and that power games are everything. They engage in elevating serial child molesters like Michael Foucault and national subversives like Paulo Freire to saint-like cult status and in describing history from an obviously one-sided and racist, against-whites point of view. They state that the United States since before 1776 has been about whiteness, racism, sexism, and oppression. Of course, any accurate and truthful presentation indicates that on balance these claims are false.

Furthermore, the word normal is not oppressive in the slightest, but a fact of nature. Nature produces differences to an extent that almost nothing of the same “kind” is exactly the same. Every characteristic, element, or category of nature comes in a wide variety of kinds and degrees that can be graphed on some basis to produce a distribution in frequency or otherwise, usually representing a bell curve. Bell curves vary in slope but persist in nature nonetheless. Furthermore, from a statistical standpoint, each bell curve produces standard deviations that can be used to define what is “normal” or most common and what is not. Some distributions change over time; others do not.

In any case, there is no reason to fear “normal” just because it is most frequent. This condition has and will always exist in nature. Whether human beings or nature change much over time and whether commonalities exist across human cultures globally will always be debated.


No Apologies


I do not in any way apologize for being a normal male American because I’ve worked all my life to the extent I could to lessen the conditions for others regarded as unfavorable or to secure and sustain positive freedom, while fulfilling my lifetime goal to marry and raise a good family. I do not believe anything in the American system has prevented such meaningful work.

In addition, I will not apologize to anyone alive today for what happened in the distant past because “anyone” today is not a true victim of distant wrongs that I and no one else living today most certainly had nothing to do with. “No fault” almost always proves true given any reasonable analysis when applying common sense. In our world where the American Dream is quite alive and well, there are simply too many counter examples of success against all odds in plentiful numbers—as Ms. Van Fleet has experienced herself and as she points out time and again.

This does not mean that I do not wish it could have been easier for humankind, for countless individuals, and for their offspring to have gotten here, or that it will be easy at all in the future for any of us. Human life does not do “easy” on a regular basis very well. Take this up with God, not me—but I am done at my age arguing with God about how He designed this altogether beautiful world. (See way down below.)

Regardless of anything in the past, however, all citizens of the United States are blessed to benefit from their association with the most powerful, good, and free country in the history of the world. We “normals” and our ancestors have had something to do with it.

In fact, now we are quite awakened from events of the recent past to the problems we face, and we intend to work like Spartans—or male models in a walk-off—to support the Constitution of the United States and all it secures for the People. There is nothing beyond what we have under the U.S. Constitution in the realm of “socialism” or “communism” (limiting or banning private property or the private sector) that has ever worked on any scale in the history of man.

Come to think of it, to the extent you oppose or seek to destroy America as we know it, then perhaps your normaphobia might be justified.


Where the Culture War Will Be Fought to the End


To be more specific, what is utterly corrupt is the all-out-war that is being waged on the average American family.

The Communist Manifesto, BLM charter documents, and identity politics literature all state a clear intent to destroy the traditional family upon which all Western civilizations are based. Ultimately, this means subverting the family’s supporting religious and moral principles.

Queer theory is not at all about matters of LGBTQ+, but about subverting what’s normal and necessary to maintain thriving relationships between parents and their children. America will not see the far Left proposing to reform our bloated and corrupt welfare state because it creates broken families, and children from these families all too often become instruments of the State. This is the goal for the entire population.

Excellent books (such as The Queering of the American Child, 2024) and podcasts (such as They Took Our Daughter, Jordan Peterson #428) are pouring off the press and over the internet with very clear explanations of this phenomenon. We recently presented Abigail Shrier and her acclaimed book, Irreversible Damage. In 1776 revolutionaries beat the odds to secure the USA, and “normalaries” like me are working to do the same today.

Who is zooming who?

If Derek Zoolander can save the Prime Minister of Malaysia with just the super model “Magnum” look, then family men and women of all races and persuasions can return America to sanity, even when many universities have been factories of postmodernism, Marxism, and identity politics.

Too early to tell, but I like the chances of an American crowd that goes at least two standard deviations out into a prosperous and awakened American population of over 300 million.

So, which apple do I pick? The one Eve picked, and, while that’s just me, there are even billions of us across the globe. We need only move from our private worlds to reassert our place in key public spaces.

Only the normaphobic live in virtual reality, No Place’s fantasyland.

One look (See Zoolander video above)?

Blue steel? Ferarri? Le tigra? No way . . .