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Our Story  |  Contributor video posts telling a worldview story.

One Brit’s Childhood in China


Dr. Os Guinness’s Personal Page



Our Praxis Circle Contributors are fascinating people, telling special stories. Here we begin a series of regular posts entitled Our Story. The series will offer short videos of Praxis Circle Contributors talking about important, personal events that shaped their worldview.

We open Our Story with Dr. Os Guinness, whom we regularly refer to as “The Father of Praxis Circle.” (In a later post, we’ll explain why.) He describes his boyhood experience in China through age ten.

Dr. Guinness mentions all of these people-events in the video:



As “Our Story” suggests, we all have a worldview generated somehow. Clearly, our past informs our present, which changes moment-by-moment. Furthermore, our beliefs, actions, and choices do much to shape our future, as individuals and in groups.

Featured just below is an excerpt and chart from a popular worldview book we highly recommend to anyone interested in current American worldview issues – Hidden Worldviews: Eight Cultural Stories that Shape Our Lives (2009), by Steve Wilkens and Mark Sanford.

Hidden Worldviews describes the process creating our worldview and personal story. Our stories are usually interesting, and often dramatic, entertaining, or fun; we all can and do learn from each other. In fact, that’s how we find meaning and become whomever we are.

An obvious question: What events had a big impact during your first ten years?













September 9, 2019

1 responses on "One Brit's Childhood in China"

  1. A very poignant and powerful story indeed! Looking forward to more of these!

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