Welcome to Praxis Circle. 

We are happy to be launching the Praxis Circle non-profit, Member-based effort after almost five years of preparation, involving dozens of people. Our mission is simple: Praxis Circle is dedicated to helping you build your worldview by helping you focus on it and also on the worldviews of others, while having fun.

We’ve found that many use the word “worldview” with great authority, but without knowledge of worldview beyond conversation’s surface. We know we fell into that category just a few years ago, while having been interested throughout our lives in worldview issues (but without a name for them).

(As an aside, it’s amazing how little the institutionalized world – academic and religious – focuses directly on this arena, given its importance. No doubt, this will be a subject of future blog posts and conversations.) 

In any case, given our stated mission, PC will be exploring the word’s meaning and application, while investigating all of the recognized, generally-accepted worldviews over an extended time. At the risk of sounding cliché, our “globalized world” makes it impossible to examine one’s own worldview without considering in-depth the worldviews of others.

In fact, just as opposites, like good and evil (if that’s part of your worldview), tend to define and shape each other, so today do the most widely accepted worldviews. We influence those on the other side of the globe every day, and they influence us. Moreover, such influence regularly occurs instantly and with significant impact. 

In this first post, the PC team wants to encourage you to become a Praxis Circle Member in order to gain maximum benefit from what we will do. Moreover, being a Member will place you in a position to help us develop the Praxis Circle effort as we go. We hope to establish solid lines of communication, and we will seek your input.

Becoming a Member is free and easy. (Register here.)

As we’ll explain in time, PC will be a community-based endeavor, emphasizing online and face-to-face communication. Furthermore, we will stress video and live content to enhance the quality of our Members’ and users’ experiences. There is nothing like the human face and voice to maximize communication and experience.

Building one’s own worldview while exploring the worldviews of others is a mind-bogglingly large task for mere mortals; no doubt, to succeed we’ll need to break the task down into its pieces and allow plenty of time for the journey.

At the risk of sounding like a political party (we are not a political organization and will strive at every moment to be objective): We do have a plan to do just that. Indeed, we hope you’ll recognize the plan unfolding in the coming weeks and months.

In our first year, we have chosen to explore the West’s unique story and Americans’ most prevalent worldviews. In doing this, we want to introduce how these worldviews shape everyday American lives, while investigating how they relate to other narratives across the globe.

So, if you haven’t already done so and are interested, please watch our Introductory video featured above and also presented at the top of our Praxis Circle website’s homepage (Praxis Circle) hosted by May-Lily Lee, a familiar face to many Virginians and a PC Member herself (see May-Lily’s site: American Spark).

We look forward to joining you in what we hope will be an enjoyable and engaging journey into many of life’s most important questions (and potential answers) – which together form our personal and collective worldviews.