We present above one of the hottest videos currently on YouTube (16.8 million views and counting). If you have 29 minutes over the weekend, please . . . have some fun; check it out. You won’t be disappointed, regardless of where you come out.

What can happen when two super-smart people “go at it,” when everyone’s looking?

Sparks fly! The dance gets heated, quite intense; they move across the furniture, heads back, bodies flying; yet, as long as the studio lights are on, civility prevails.



Cathy Newman is a popular British newswoman for Channel 4 interviewing Dr. Jordan Peterson, the Canadian professor and #1 best-selling author of 12 Rules for Life (2018).

Clearly, Dr. Peterson is a cultural phenom, and even he doesn’t understand why. No doubt, it’s a function of ability and message meeting cultural circumstances.

Praxis Circle continues to explain worldview, recognize our cultural worldview wars, and suggest that these frameworks of belief shape our everyday lives – right down to how we tie our dancing shoes.

The questions you might consider, given the Newman-Peterson tete-a-tete: How does their debate over a 9% pay gap relate to worldview? What are the main issues? How are their worldview different? Given these views, how might they get to their position on pay?

Jot down some notes or bullet points; if so moved, please give us your thoughts – we would love to have them; and keep your notes for future reference. We’ll be referring back to “The Tango” as 2019-20’s cultural political dance reaches fever pitch.