Here’s an opportunity to take a break from the “all politics, all the time” that we’re experiencing in the U.S. at the moment: join the American Enterprise Institute for the virtual, inaugural Irving Kristol Lecture and Summit this Wednesday, October 14th, at noon, honoring Nicholas Eberstadt, recipient of the 2020 Irving Kristol Award. AEI gives their highest award annually to someone “who has made exceptional intellectual and practical contributions to improve government policy, social welfare, or political understanding.” Previous award winners include Boris Johnson and Benjamin Netanyahu.

Dr. Eberstadt will be delivering the keynote address, followed by a conversation among Yuval Levin, Kori Schake, Michael Strain, and Ryan Streeter, all Directors/Scholars at AEI, and the authors of Governing Priorities: Advice for America’s President, for 2021 and Beyond.  The address and conversation promise to be both enlightening and entertaining, a far cry from the current popular discourse.

Dr. Eberstadt holds an AB, MPA, and PhD from Harvard and an MSc from the London School of Economics. He is a researcher and author focussing on demographics and economic development, and particularly international security on the Korean Peninsula and in Asia. AEI aptly explains why he is receiving this award:

Given the depth and breadth of his scholarship and impact on public policy, Mr. Eberstadt is an ideal choice for the Irving Kristol Award. For decades, his work has helped open the policy community’s eyes to the importance of demographic change and economic development, the utility of foreign aid, the necessity of addressing issues in poverty and global health, and the significant international security challenges in the Korean Peninsula and Asia. His research continues to push the boundaries of his field and change the way we view the world.

Registration is here and free.