Why I Dislike the Word ‘Capitalism’

The Institute for Faith, Work, & Economics published an article last week highlighting Anne Bradley’s Praxis Circle interview. We link to the short and important article above. Please read it. Capitalism remains a fascinating and extremely controversial topic today, given the Far Left’s relentless attack.

Included below are the Praxis Circle clips Anne links in her article, where she answers these questions: What is capitalism? Why do you dislike the word “capitalism”? Does democratic capitalism have goals?

We agree that the word capitalism is tricky—even problematic or worse—which is why we think it’s a good idea to rename it altogether. In an upcoming blog post, we will dive into the deeper implications of the word and what it means for the Western worldview.

We will recommend that Christians drop it and apply their own terminology to the New Creation they have been building since the First Century A.D., the true, good, and beautiful one they continue to  create now worldwide with every passing day.