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Community Guidelines

The “rules of the road” below are basic and common-sense. They apply to all aspects of the Praxis Circle website, as well as our Facebook and Twitter accounts. The Praxis Circle values honesty, critical thinking, and self-reflection in our conversations. We encourage the participation of both Visitors and Members and look forward to healthy, respectful discussions with all.


  • – Be respectful in your comments. While we encourage robust debate (how else will any of us learn anything?), we will remove any posts that are gratuitously degrading of any race, religion, gender, age, or ability. Critical-thinking comments are great; ad hominems are not.
  • – Remain on topic in your comments. Discussions get lost otherwise. Extended commentary may be emailed.
  • – Remember this is a public venue. Only post information that you are comfortable having publicly viewed. Your privacy is not guaranteed.


  • – Use profanities, obscenities, or slurs. Not even in abbreviated or asterisked form.
  • – Assume Praxis Circle agrees with the opinions of its Contributors, whether Experts or Members, or those persons or organizations linked to or featured on or off the Praxis Cirlce website.
  • – Assume Praxis Circle is responsible for the content on any linked sites, books, videos, or articles, nor for any linked to us; we assume no responsibility or liability for such content.
  • – Engage in any form of sales promotion.

LAST NOTE: Praxis Circle continually monitors our site, our Facebook page, and our Twitter account. We will permanently block any Visitor or Member who has posts removed for a third time.