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12/06/2023    12:00 pm

People and Government: A Christian Perspective in the Modern World – Webinar

  In a world where the role of government is a subject of ongoing debate, it is crucial to seek understanding on the age-old question: Is government a necessary evil or the arbiter of virtue? From a Christian perspective, we can gain valuable insights into how to think about the role of government in the […]

10/31/2023    12:00 pm

Why God? New Ideas for ‘Nones’ to Consider – Webinar

Americans who check “none of the above” when asked about their religion continue to increase in numbers. To more and more among us, churchgoing and religious belief seem pointless artifacts of the past. But what if the skeptics are wrong? In this lecture, author Mary Eberstadt takes the case directly to the ‘nones.’ She lays […]

07/25/2023    12:00 pm

Imago Dei – Small Group Discussion

Why is the concept of Imago Dei important to human anthropology and meaning? Join us for an interactive small group discussion with Dr. Julia Lloyd. Dr. Julia Lloyd is a leader in education with an extensive background in public, private, corporate, and higher education as well as business development. She received her Ph. D. in […]

11/16/2022    12:00 pm

Applying Economics to Human Flourishing – Webinar

  In her second session, Dr. Anne Bradley discusses the application of human purpose to civil society while also examining the results of economic systems built from Christian and non-Christian perspectives. Speaker Dr. Anne Bradley, Economist Anne Bradley is the George and Sally Mayer Fellow for Economic Education and TFAS Vice President of Academic Affairs. She has […]

11/02/2022    12:00 pm

Biblical Thinking and Economic Flourishing – Webinar

  In her first session, Dr. Anne Bradley presents economics from the Christian point of view, starting with God’s desire for His creation and human purpose, while also addressing important economic topics like the realities of the universe, scarcity, and time. Speaker Dr. Anne Bradley, Economist   Anne Bradley is the George and Sally Mayer Fellow […]