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Who are we?

Praxis Circle’s founder is Doug Monroe, who lives in Richmond, VA. A formal effort began in 2015 to construct Praxis Circle’s creative concept, and a staff works continuously today on the ongoing effort. Praxis Circle’s purpose is to provide a community platform for its visitors and Members to explore, understand, build, adjust, or change their own worldview, which requires understanding the worldviews of others.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us via email at or via snail mail at P.O. Box 29807, Richmond, VA 23242.

What/Who are Contributors?

Contributors are those people who we interview and videotape. They have been chosen because Praxis Circle believes they have something valuable to contribute to the discussion of worldviews. The Contributors fall into two main categories: Expert and Member.

Expert Contributors are professionals who have been trained/educated in their chosen field, which Praxis Circle staff believes relate to key worldview issues. Member Contributors are not necessarily trained in any field directly related to worldview, but they are accomplished persons with interesting and valuable life experiences to share that touch on worldview topics.

What/Who are Members? How do I become one?

Members are site visitors like you who have chosen to register with Praxis Circle in order to receive updates/blog posts via email, take our courses, view full-length interviews with our Contributors, and/or actively participate in building a coherent worldview for themselves.

To join as a Member, simply click here or go to the Members page and click “sign up” or click on any of the boxes inviting you to join. There is no fee. We ask only for your email address and very general information, if you are willing to share. We also anticipate that some Members will become actual Contributors in the future – this is one of the many ways in which we hope to expand Praxis Circle.

What are Themes?

The Themes presented on the Praxis Circle website are some of the overarching subjects that directly relate to worldview. We offer a combination of brief videos from our Contributors that shed light or raise questions on some aspect of each Theme presented. We will continue to add Themes as necessary and appropriate.

What are Topics?

Our Topics are discrete issues, people, institutions, ideas, or items that relate to worldview either directly or indirectly. Functioning like an index for Praxis Circle video clips, Topics may be searched alphabetically which will result in all relevant videos. The topics list will grow as interviews are added and new Topic terms are created or requested.

How do I take a Course?

To take a Course, you must first join Praxis Circle as a Member. After signing up, go to the Courses page and select which Course you would like to take. It‘s best to take them in order beginning with Worldview 101. Follow the instructions provided on the chosen Course page. Each Course offers (through the Additional Reading Section) a pathway for extended self-study, well beyond its basic parameters.

Courses do not lead to any type of certification; they are for self-education only. The courses are free. We invite feedback on them and suggestions for future Courses.

What are the resources you provide?

The Resources page on the Praxis Circle site provides an extensive (but certainly not comprehensive) list of links to worldview-related videos, websites, visual aids, books, and articles with some very brief descriptions. Utilizing these resources could constitute a partial education in worldviews in and of itself.

How did you produce your videos?

When interviewing a Contributor, the Praxis Circle first provides him or her with a list of possible questions to give the interviewee a chance to consider them thoughtfully. No questions are ever intended to produce particular answers; they are always intended to further the discussion of worldviews in both general and specific ways. The opinions offered in Praxis Circle’s interviews are the opinions of the interviewee only.

The interviews are then divided into clips that relate to one question or issue. Praxis Circle then groups and presents these video clips by Theme and/or Topic, and we make the Full Interview available to Members on the personal page of each Contributor, whether Expert or Member. Video clips are also be used as a springboard for blog posts.

What are your community guidelines?