Formulating worldviews


Trailer: Building Worldviews
Christianity, Religion(s), Spiritual

A worldview is the lens we use to interpret the world around us. It influences every aspect of our lives–from how we choose careers, to how we vote, to how we interact with both strangers and friends.

Because worldviews often conflict, people think and act differently from one another. Understanding different worldviews helps us have thoughtful dialogue about life’s deepest questions and a respect for the inherent dignity of every human being.

Praxis Circle created Building Worldviews to do just that: interview expert thought leaders about their perspectives on economics, politics, philosophy, religion, social issues, and more in order to expose our community to many diverse worldviews.

Listening to others and learning how to think critically is how we build strong worldviews–which in return helps us to better pursue truth, freedom, and human flourishing.

Start your worldview journey today by listening to this podcast and visiting to learn more.