Privacy Policy


Praxis Circle knows that you are entitled to know how we collect, use, and maintain information we collect about you. This privacy policy explains what information we collect, how we use that information, who we will share this information with, and other information.

Information Collection

We gather information about website use, including how many people visit our site, which pages are the most and least viewed, which websites are referring visitors to our site, and other information. We look at the data in summary form. The data helps us determine the extent to which visitors use certain parts of our website. This information helps us revise our site.


We use a standard technology called a “cookie” to collect information about how you and others use our site. Cookies are small strings of text stored on your computer’s hard drive by a Web server. We use session cookies to identify your computer during a particular session, i.e., when you sign into the site or post a comment. If you create a user account or otherwise join our site, these cookies enable you to store your password for fast logon and other conveniences. Cookies cannot retrieve any other data from your hard drive, pass on computer viruses, or capture your email address. Most Web browsers provide you the ability to accept or decline cookies, as well as to be warned each time a cookie is being sent. This is something you can choose to do, but if you decline cookies, however, you may not be able to take advantage of, or even visit, all of our site.

IP Addresses

We collect and analyze traffic on our website by keeping track of the IP addresses of our visitors. An IP address is the unique numeric identifier assigned to each computer browser accessing the Internet. An IP address, by itself, cannot identify you personally, but when combined with other information provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP), your IP address can be used to identify the computer originating a message.

Personally Identifiable Information

Certain parts of the site require you to provide personal information, such as when you:

  • Join our website or create a user account
  • Submit a comment
  • Request information from various pages of our site

The personal information you provide to us could include your name, address, email address, username, or similar information.

By submitting personal information to us, you agree that we can use the information in accordance with this privacy policy. We will update this privacy policy whenever we think it’s necessary and without prior notice. You should be sure to reread this policy from time to time.

If you do submit information to us, we will use that information for the purposes for which it was submitted. For instance, if you join our website and ask to be placed on our email list, we will use your email address to send you alerts and other messages about topics and developments we think may be of interest to you.

We may also use your information in other ways, such as to contact you about other activities or as otherwise described at the point of collection. We may share your information with our partners and any other organizations or entities for similar purposes.

Additionally, to the extent required by applicable federal or state law, we will provide this information to others. We may share personally and non-personally identifiable information with third parties who help manage our website and databases as well as with our partners, affiliates, or other third parties.

For example:

If you post a comment on our website, we will post the screen name under which the submission was made. Of course, any information you include in a posting will be viewable by any visitor to the website, and you agree that any comment or information becomes our property without further compensation to you.
If you provide us with your address or email address on certain parts of our site, we will use this information to contact you about issues or information that we believe will be of interest to you.

By submitting information to us, you give us permission to receive it, review it, edit it, store it, post it on our website, and use it in appropriate settings designed to illustrate the viewpoint of the company. To protect your privacy, we strongly urge you to not include any identifying information in your submissions.

We use third-party vendors to provide services on this site and in our operations. The information that you submit on this site may be provided to those vendors so that those vendors can provide services to us (such as maintaining our databases, sending email messages to our visitors, facilitating our fundraising activities and campaigns, or processing credit card donations).

We also reserve the right to share personal information you provide with legal authorities if it is, in our sole opinion, necessary to investigate, prevent, or otherwise take action regarding suspected fraud, situations involving threats or potential harm, or if otherwise required by law (such as by a subpoena, court order, or other legal means). If we reasonably believe that you have violated any of the Terms of Conditions governing your use of this site, we reserve the right to use any information we have collected about you in response.

Email Newsletter and Updates

If you sign up to receive our email newsletter and updates, we may collect, store, and use your email address to send you information. We may also collect and store other personally identifiable information including but not limited to your name, email address, username, and/or similar information you may opt to provide us. We may also share this information with our affiliates, partners, and other organizations or entities.

Email Messages

We will collect and store personally identifiable information, such as your name, address, email address, username, and/or similar information you provide to us. If you provide us with your email address, we will use it to send you email newsletters and updates. In addition, as noted above, we may share this information with our affiliates, partners, and other organizations or entities.

User Accounts

If you sign up for a user account, we will collect and store certain personally identifiable information, such as your name, address, email address, username, and/or similar information you provide. Your user account information will be visible to designated staff members and our third-party website-services vendor, but not to other registered users or website visitors (except if you post any such information when you post your comments). When you register for a user account, you will also be registered to receive email updates, email newsletters, and text messages from us. We may also share this information with our affiliates, partners, and other organizations or entities.

User Comments

Any personal information you provide in connection with comments you contribute to this site or any other interactive features will be visible to other users and website visitors. To protect your privacy, we strongly urge you to not include any identifying information in your submissions.

User Letters and Articles

If you use any interactive forms on our site, we will collect and store certain personally identifiable information, such as your name, address, email address, username, and/or similar information you provide. We use this information to help you fill out your form, and to send you email updates, and email newsletters. We may also share this information with our affiliates, partners, and other organizations or entities.

Other Communications

You may contact us, by email or otherwise, with other inquiries or to provide comments. Any personally identifiable information you provide in connection with such inquiries or comments will be collected and used by Praxis Circle for the purpose of processing and responding to your inquiries or comments.

Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Other Third-Party Social Networking Sites

We maintain a presence on several social networks. Any information we collect from you on those sites will be governed by their privacy policies. Unless prohibited by those sites, we will use any personally identifiable information we collect from or about you from those sites in the manner described in this Policy.


The Internet is not a fully secure communications channel. Information submitted via the Internet, including through a web page or email is subject to interception or incorrect routing. Please consider this prior to submitting any information to us via this website.

Certain sections of this site may have heightened security measures in place to protect the loss, misuse, and alteration of the information you have provided. The security measures used on this site to protect any available online donation pages include industry-standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, Verisign certificates, firewalls, and internal policies to maintain the security of stored data. While we follow generally accepted industry standards to protect the personal information submitted to us, no method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage, is secure. Therefore, while we strive to use commercially-reasonable means to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee its absolute security.

Your Help Is Needed

Remember, breaches of security also can occur when users are not vigilant in protecting their own information. You can help control the security of your personal information. Think carefully before providing any personal or financial information online. If you are worried because your communication is very sensitive, do not send it electronically. Always keep your email account information secure and not allow others to access your email account.

If you want to remain anonymous, you should not tell us your name, the names of other users, or of your friends. To fully protect your privacy, you should try to exclude any information that you think may identify you or others.

Also, remember that we cannot protect your privacy once you leave our site, such as when you click on a link. If you visit other websites, that site’s privacy policy governs the use of your information; check the site’s privacy policy, and be careful about the information you submit or share.

In addition, you should only forward our email messages or other website information (such as volunteer or job postings) to others through the buttons or links provided within the email or website. If you use your email system’s forwarding capabilities, others may be able to take actions in your name or access your personal information.

You may be given the option to turn on a permanent or “persistent” cookie on your computer. Remember that once you have set a persistent cookie that is linked to your personal information, anyone can access your personal information by using your computer.

In addition to the records left on your computer by cookies, your browser and operating system contain other records of your Web browsing and other actions (such as your browser history). As with cookies, you can find information about how to clear the history records in your browser’s “Help” section or through other websites that provide detailed information for each browser and operating system. We are not responsible for these methods or instructions and can’t help you follow those instructions.

How to Unsubscribe or Contact Us About Your Information

If you do not want to receive any email from us in the future, click the “unsubscribe” reference in any email we send you. Otherwise, you may send a letter to the address below requesting that we unsubscribe you from our contact lists. Note that unless you ask us to delete your records permanently, your records will remain in our database, but your log-in and email address will be deactivated.

To review the contact information we have on file for you, correct your contact information, provide a change of address, or tell us how to use your contact information, please contact our staff. You may contact us by mail or email, as follows:

Praxis Circle
P.O. Box 29807
Richmond, VA 23242


Policy Last Updated: July 23, 2018

Modifications to this Privacy Policy

We may amend or change this Policy at any time. In the event of any material change, Praxis Circle will post a notice of the change on this site’s homepage or email you such notice at an email address you have provided to Praxis Circle.

Complaints or Questions

If you have any questions or concerns about how we have used information we have collected about you, please contact us:

Praxis Circle
P.O. Box 29807
Richmond, VA 23242