Millennials, Put Away Childish Political Things


“As the election results of 2021 suggest a chill in the air for the left, the time has come to talk to younger voters—millennials and Generation Z—about America’s future. The message can be distilled in a single sentence: You’ve been robbed.”

Expert PC Contributor Mary Eberstadt opened her brilliant WSJ Opinion piece with these words of warning to the younger generation—a heed to take notice of what the progressive left is stripping of us: the joys of family life, religion, and the cultural inheritance of Western civilization itself. We at Praxis Circle find it imperative to protect these values at all costs and help others think through the consequences of particular worldviews—a society full of people that are more depressed, more angry, more isolated, and more lonely than perhaps ever before.

Is this the kind of world that the next generation chooses to pursue? We are hopeful that many will still strive for “the restoration of America’s undiminished promise and for upward moral mobility,” as Mary puts it. It’s the only way forward to a more happy and free society.

Mary Eberstadt holds the Panula Chair in Christian Culture at the Catholic Information Center in Washington, D.C. and is a Senior Fellow with the Faith and Reason Institute. She is an Expert Contributor and member of the Praxis Circle Advisory Board.