Note to Praxis Circle Members

October 22, 2020


Subject: Volunteers Needed for Beta Test II – Introduction to Worldview

We invite you, our Members, to participate in our online  “Introduction to Worldview” class between now and yearend. We are looking for volunteers for our second small Beta Test group. The class is free, and each participant will receive a copy of Naming the Elephant: Worldview as a Concept (2015) by James W. Sire. Our only requirement will be filling out a short survey after it’s over. 

We will recruit the rest of the group, although if you have an existing group, we are happy to accommodate it. Our video and other content is well-suited for schools, Bible Study groups, and other small groups needing a month’s worth of self-directed activity. The class itself offers a terrific introduction to the worldview topic and an opportunity to meet other Members.


Class Schedule:

The class involves three Zoom calls 45 minutes in length, consisting of one per week over a three-week period. Mason New will host the calls, which are informal and conversational and without lecture or tests. Each Zoom call will involve 45 minutes of prep time, consisting of watching Praxis Circle video and some very light reading. The calls will be scheduled at a time convenient for the group, probably on a weekday in the late afternoon or early evening.

We conducted Beta Test I in August, and it was quite successful. The purpose of Beta II will be to make final changes to the class before introducing it to the market via advertising. We have two class modules and have developed five more. In addition, we will add future classes concerning other interesting and timely worldview topics. Worldview is fascinating because it relates to every academic discipline and informs most current events.

Please email Maria Jones ( if interested; we look forward to your participation.